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Christina M. Carter is a Human Resources Professional with more than 12 years of HR experience in the financial services and lending industries.

Christina has extensive knowledge and an expertise in budget administration/reporting, employee and labor law, regulatory compliance, compensation and benefits programs, employee benefits and payroll, and workplace safety and security. She has a special interest in organizational development and aligning corporate culture and values.

Prior to joining KMA, she was Vice President of Lending for Community Credit Union in Lewiston, Maine.

Christina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resources Management from Southern New Hampshire University and is enrolled in Southern NH University’s MBA program in Finance. She is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and a Certified Credit Union Executive (CCUE).

Christina resides in Winthrop with her two amazing boys and wonderful husband. She loves being a mom and spending time with her family. She also enjoys reading and traveling.


Why did you choose to work in HR?

While I’ve always enjoyed working with people, I didn’t choose a career in human resources initially. I started out in healthcare as a CNA, and then began working in the financial services industry. That’s where I took on an HR role with a financial institution that did not have an HR department and discovered I REALLY had a passion for it. I love the people focus and the fact that there are always new challenges. The variety makes it interesting and fun!

What do you like best about your work as an HR Consultant?

The best thing about my job is being able to work directly with the client and specifically to help alleviate some of the stress people within an organization are experiencing as a result of their being responsible for HR on top of their other job duties. There’s a lot to HR and it’s changing all the time, so it’s tough to keep up if it’s not your primary focus and something you really like.

I also love working with the team here at KMA. They are a very talented, positive team, and their passion and enthusiasm create a fun and collaborative work environment.

What is one takeaway from your HR work experience you’d like to share with others?

It’s been my experience that organizations sometimes underestimate how important their “company culture” is to overall success. They forget they need to know their employees as well as they know their customers, and under-utilize Human Resources in this regard.

A while back, I worked with an organization that grew to understand that its most important assets were its employees. It wasn’t just something they said; they lived it; and the result was an extremely positive and productive work environment. Human Resources can play a critical role in helping to ensure that organizations truly understand the value that their employees bring to the organization. I think this is what fuels my interest in organizational development and corporate culture and values.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Winthrop with my two amazing boys and wonderful husband. I’m very involved with my children’s school system and various committees, as well as several community committees. I find being a mom very rewarding, and love spending time with my family, traveling, being outside, going to the ocean, and reading.