KMA is pleased to announce that KMA’s 24/7 HR Support Center is now available and offering HR tools, Webinars, training, articles, alerts, job descriptions, access to Federal and state law libraries, and even a mobile app.


What is the HR Support Center?

It’s a user-friendly, online service of leading HR tools and resources that’s always only a click away. All you need to do is subscribe to the service and you’ll be able to use it for information and resources to aid your HR learning, administration, and decision-making.

What’s included with the HR Support Center?

  • State & Federal Employment Law Library
  • Job Description Samples
  • Quick Guides on HR Topics
  • On-Demand Training Tutorials
  • HR Templates and Sample Documents
  • Free Mobile App for HR-On-The-Go

Does this Change How I Work with KMA?

Don’t worry. Your KMA Consultants aren’t going anywhere. As always, they remain ready to advise, help you apply the information, and provide all the other personal HR support you need.

Learn More

For a sneak peek at the kind of content you’ll be able to access through KMA’s new HR Support Center, click to play the Webinar video or download our flyer (pdf).

How Do I Participate?

Using the HR Support Center for the HR tools and information you need is easy. KMA is currently offering special pricing on 12-month subscriptions (with a free 7-day trial).

Just contact KMA’s Debby Olken or Anita Krieg about signing up. They’ll be able to discuss pricing and how you can start accessing the service right away.