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Distractions are just part of modern life, and we seem to be battling them more and more. Technology is clearly the biggest culprit, interrupting us in our quiet moments (in all our moments, actually). It’s almost as though we have become so used to interruptions that we forget what it’s like to maintain steady focus for extended periods. Yet that’s exactly what’s required to perform optimally and productively.


Here are some suggestions from members of the KMA team:

  • “Schedule time for work needing all of your attention during your least busy times of day, including before or after normal work hours.”
  • “I find a quiet workspace where I can be alone, somewhere near a window, and listen to George Winston.”
  • “If I can’t get a handle on whatever I’m trying to focus on, I step away and take a walk, leaving my phone and podcasts behind. That’s when I have the most success with fresh ideas, solutions, and general clarity.”
  • “I’m a big fan of handwritten lists, simply because the act of physically checking off tasks makes me feel like I’m making progress and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.”
  • “Block time on your calendar, shut the door, put on headphones, and commit to the task in front of you.”
  • “If I notice I’m not focused, I walk away from my computer. When I come back, I clear off my desk so that the only thing I have in front of me is the item I need to focus on. I focus best when I make my work space work for me!”
  • “Close the door and shut down Outlook.”
  • “I turn on Pandora because I work more productively with music in the background. And if I have trouble getting started, I list key points running through my head without editing. This gives me an outline of what I need to focus on.”
  • “I take to paper and pen, as I need a touch of analog in this digital world. I recently started using the Bullet Journal method. Bulletproof coffee helps, too!”
  • “I diffuse oils to support most everything I do. I have one blend in particular called ‘Clarity’ that helps keep my mind focused on the task at hand. I also play music softly in the background.”
  • “Practicing yoga and the art of meditation has taught me to focus on the present moment.”

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