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February 1, 2023

Hello friends,

My least favorite month is behind us, so that’s the good news. On the other hand, the polar vortex heading our way this weekend is a harsh reminder of the reality of winter in New England, requiring patience, serenity and…layers. Lots of layers.

At KMA, we’re keeping an eye out for the business trends that are impacting our clients, most notably rising inflation and recession concerns. With this in mind, the US economy is in an unusual position with continued strong job numbers and an unemployment rate that remains lower than we’ve seen in many decades. We’ll see if the jobs market continues to be resilient or if hiring slows, as many economists are predicting for 2023. Regardless, the struggle to hire and retain talent remains a major issue for many businesses, and we’re seeing that employees continue to have unprecedented leverage in the workplace.

Addressing this, Kim Rummler, KMA Consultant, shares some strategies for improving employee wellbeing at work. She writes, “Beyond compensation, companies will be competing for talent on the basis of benefits, perks, flexibility and culture. Companies that don’t prioritize employee satisfaction – their sense of belonging and purpose at work – will struggle to retain talent.” Read her great article right here.

And, to consider the competition for talent from a recruiting perspective, Chelsea Livingston, KMA’s Recruiting Services Manager, recently sat down for a Q&A on Streamlining Your Recruiting Process. She was asked about the current hiring market, and the importance of having a recruiting process that’s designed for maximum efficiency and agility. You can read Chelsea’s insights here.

On our own hiring front, we are pleased to announce that Carrie Smith has joined us in a newly developed role at KMA: Client Success Manager, reflecting our commitment to top notch customer service and support for our clients.

Operating on the belief that happy, healthy clients result in repeat business, Carrie brings her passion for building relationships and ensuring clients are getting their needs met and goals accomplished. Throughout her career, Carrie has worked with her clients as a strategic and supportive partner to ensure long-term customer loyalty and success.

“Helping a client be successful in meeting their goals is what drives me, and I am thrilled to be part of a team that values client service to the same degree that I do. In my experience, every point of contact matters. Our clients expect and deserve to be managed at the highest level of care and commitment. This is what KMA stands for, and delivering on it every day brings me true satisfaction in my career.” – Carrie Smith

In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that Lindsay Fernandes and Danielle Nemeth have joined our HR consulting team, and Sarah Cummings has joined our recruiting team.

Welcome to all our new team members!

One month in and 2023 is already showing its potential to be a bit wild and wily. As always, KMA is here to help you weather the storm with our recruiting, human resources, and compensation expertise. Please reach out if you need us.

Stay safe, stay cozy!

Kim Anania

President and CEO

KMA Human Resources