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Laurie Reed, Partner, Managing Director, Retirement Plans Division, Lebel & Harriman

What advice would you offer women entering a traditionally male-dominated industry?

“I was very fortunate to start my career by joining forces with two great men, who welcomed me and my ideas on day one. I was even more fortunate to build my career with the support and camaraderie of three amazing women, who dedicated themselves to elevating each other and our team at every possible opportunity. The importance of building a dynamic and supportive team cannot be overstated. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Overall, my advice is: be empathetic, compassionate, collaborative – these are strengths, not weaknesses. Ours is a relationship business and while individuals want to partner with teams that are highly skilled and knowledgeable, they also want to work with professionals who connect with them (or their employees) on a personal level.”