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Janine Roberts, Chief of Police, Westbrook Police Department

What are your top strategies for success?

Throughout my career, I’ve tried to follow a set of principles that I believe have contributed to my success. Here are my top ten:

  1. Practice self-awareness, self-control, common sense, and emotional intelligence.
  2. Build relationships and trust wherever possible.
  3. When faced with obstacles and challenges, process my emotional reaction to them, and create a plan to overcome them.
  4. Make sure my actions back up my words.
  5. Listen to others; include their input in my decisions.
  6. Set clear expectations and show loyalty.
  7. Mentor and empower others; put others first.
  8. Be humble; admit when wrong; show vulnerabilities; accept constructive criticism.
  9. Practice my core values of accountability, compassion, fairness, integrity.
  10. Always look for ways to grow as a leader, public servant, and person.