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Photo of Kari Meillat

Kari Meillat

Compensation Services Manager
(207) 781-9927

“By focusing on total rewards and developing a comprehensive compensation strategy, companies are able to stand apart and attract and retain top talent. I enjoy collaborating with clients to create a custom-fit and equitable compensation program that will help them meet their goals and predict costs.”

From internal compensation professional to an independent compensation consultant, Kari has more than a decade of experience in compensation and data analytics. She has developed a broad-based compensation background including compensation strategy development, benchmarking and job evaluations, sales compensation and variable pay programs, salary structure creation, FLSA analysis, merit programs, and policy and budget creation.

Throughout her career, Kari has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, consumer goods, technology start-ups, enterprise software, and small businesses. She also has experience in payroll, performance management, and benefits.

Kari graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Outside of work, Kari loves to garden, sew, travel, and spend time with her family.

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