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Does your company experience less-than-optimal employee commitment? Are you able to recognize it when you see it, and do you know what it’s costing you?

Employee Relations - Piece of the PuzzleAccording to a recent Gallup study, disengaged workers cost US companies some $300 billion over five years in lost productivity and lower customer satisfaction due to poor employee performance.

Answer this: one of your employees starts showing up for work late, fails to return emails, and takes many sick days. Is he or she more likely to quit within a couple of months than another employee?

Surprisingly, the answer is “No.” A recent University of Utah study identified the top indicators that someone might not stick around. They are . . .

  • Showing less interest in advancement
  • Seeming less interested in pleasing their boss than before
  • Acting reluctant to commit to long-term projects
  • Doing the minimum amount of work needed.

If you are having issues with employees committing to your business, Contact KMA Human Resources Consulting. We’ll help diagnose the issue and put a solution in place that works for you.