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Take a look at most surveys that seek to understand what employees want most from the workplace, and near the top of all responses are “respect” and “recognition”—often far outpacing compensation.

teamworkWhat do you do to recognize employees for their valued contributions? How do you acknowledge the contributions of team members to your company’s achievements?

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their successes (and even for efforts that go above and beyond yet may fall short) are great ways to boost individual and team morale, create a positive work environment, motivate performance, and reinforce desired workplace behaviors.

Best yet, recognizing employees can be done easily and affordably. From simple “thank you” notes,  gift cards, and company logo merchandise, to cash, food, and even tickets to sporting events (such as the Red Claws, Sea Dogs, or Pirates), rewards do not need to be extravagant. Most times, the simple act of  showing appreciation—whether it’s delivered one-on-one with a manager or at a staff meeting or special event—and recognizing when someone has done a job well done is enough.

Studies show that more than 3 out of every 4 employers features some sort of formal employee recognition and reward program (typically administered by HR). What are you doing in your own business to show you care?

Here’s one suggestion from Devan Knight, Account Executive, for The Maine Red Claws (the NBA D-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics): “Season tickets are a fun, inexpensive way to reward and thank the people you care about. The Red Claws also do corporate events—the ideal way for companies to entertain their clients or show appreciation for employees while strengthening business relationships together.”

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