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January 3, 2022

Hello 2022!

The beginning of a new year is that fresh start and launch point from which we can plan and project any number of futures. As you map out your goals for 2022, I hope you’ll consider how KMA can help you attract, manage and engage your workforce. Will you need to bring on new employees to accomplish your business objectives this year? Our recruiting team is here to help. Will your overstretched HR team need backup support? Our consultants are at the ready. Are you confident your pay structure is fair and competitive? Our compensation experts can design a Total Rewards Strategy to help attract and retain the talent you need. In a nutshell: KMA is here for you in ’22!

At this time, I also like to reflect on the year that was. And while 2021 was yet another rollercoaster of unpredictability, we feel incredibly proud of the work we accomplished in partnership with our clients. I am so appreciative of the hardworking, resilient team at KMA, and eternally grateful to our clients and partners who put their trust in us. Thank you for your business.

I asked the KMA team to share what brought them joy in 2021, and their answers were fundamentally about family and friends, and spending time with loved ones. It confirms my belief that it’s the simple things that bring us the most joy in life.

On that note, and on behalf of the entire team at KMA, I wish you a new year overflowing with all the simple things that bring you joy. I hope our paths cross in 2022, and that you and your loved ones enjoy good luck, good health, and good cheer!

With deep gratitude,

Kim Anania
President and CEO
KMA Human Resources Consulting

What brought us joy this past year?

The freedom to be with family and friends again! Hoping it lasts.
– Mary Mickiewicz

Watching my son be such an amazing dad to my granddaughter.
– Debby Olken

Hearing my 14-year-old son laugh/giggle. Seems it doesn’t happen as much as they get older! – Michelle Prejean

My family is all healthy and thriving in this crazy world! – Laurie Saad

This year has been so chaotic. Although I normally dread the darkness, I actually found joy this year in switching gears, staying home and moving into hibernation mode. It’s given me just the “break” I was needing.
– Gina Hayes

The one thing that has brought me joy this year is my family is safe and healthy and living productive lives; that’s all I can hope for. – Deb Bartol

Finding innovative ways to gather with friends during the pandemic. Creating cozy and inviting spaces in the outdoors – and making the best of a challenging time – gave me a lot of joy in 2021. – Jenny Ellis

I am so grateful that I have been able to reunite with friends and family this year! – Lori Jackowitz

The main thing that has brought me joy this year was moving to Manhattan. It’s been so much fun to live in a new place and start discovering all the wonderful things that NYC has to offer! – Johnna Major

The good health of my family and being able to spend time together.
– Jan DiMauro

What brought me joy this year was a trip to France with good friends.
– Rhoda McVeigh

Working as a team to provide support in challenging times. – Anita Krieg

My husband and I are finding a very nice life/work balance. I am grateful to be living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire where we can enjoy all the outdoor activities we love. – Karin Nicoll

Being able to have live face-to-face interactions with colleagues and clients…I really missed this in 2020! – Lorrie Ritter

Less travel and more time connecting with my family. Seeing my children overcome challenges of the pandemic and continue to grow and thrive. Walks with my family and dogs, appreciating the beauty of where we live. – Amy Harkins

And what has brought me joy in 2021? Seeing clients we support in the news for their success. Watching employees develop and seeing their joy when they feel good about themselves. Being able to leave the day to day operations to my very capable leadership team. Giving back through paying it forward and supporting our communities that have supported me personally, my family and KMA. And hearing each morning before school from Charlie and Sam – “Mom, Dad – come give us a hug and kiss” (and they won’t leave no matter how late they are without it). – Kim Anania

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