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December 1, 2022

Wow, what a year 2022 has been! The fact that it marked our 15 years in business certainly added to our momentum, and we made sure to properly celebrate this key milestone for KMA, to reflect back on where we started and what we’ve accomplished, and to acknowledge both our successes and setbacks over the years. It has been an honor and privilege to have led through it all, but we would not be where we are without family, community, our trusted partners and clients, and of course the KMA team. Gratitude!

As the World Cup starts to get more intense and the circle of possible finalists tightens up, I’ve been thinking about Ted Lasso’s brilliant leadership strategies in the charming Apple TV+ series about the trials of coaching an English Premier Football Team as a total outsider. If you’ve seen it, you’re familiar with the refreshing simplicity and effectiveness of Ted’s leadership.

Albeit he’s a fictional character, there is much we can learn from Coach Lasso’s leadership style. Every episode seems to highlight a different tactic for organizational success, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Build your team up and take a genuine interest in them as individuals.
  • Have the courage to sideline the team members who are in it for themselves and not the collective good.
  • Be open to ideas from all members, not just those at the leadership level.
  • Listen intently, and show your team that you recognize even the small things that matter to them
  • Be an exemplar of the behaviors you want to see in your team.

If you’re busy wrapping things up for 2022 like we are, you might want to check out our webinar on December 13 on Year-End Best Practices for HR. Karin Nicoll, from our HR Consulting team, will walk through some of the year end reporting requirements and deadlines to keep in mind, and lay out other reminders and responsibilities for starting out 2023 on solid footing. You can register here.

It’s always been our position at KMA that a company’s most valuable asset is its people, and this has extra resonance in today’s environment. In addition to successfully helping our clients recruit and bring on board scarce talent in 2022, we worked with clients to develop a variety of employee engagement and retention programs, including: compensation structure reviews; market assessments; stay interviews; employee satisfaction surveys and action plans; policies to support working parents; investments in technology; wellness and mental health initiatives; and prioritizing work/life balance for today’s exhausted, overstretched and overwhelmed workforce. Like I said, it’s been a year!

On behalf of all of us at KMA, I wish you a safe, healthy and joyous holiday season – however you observe – and a festive end of year celebration. The team looks forward to hitting 2023 with energy and optimism, ready to serve our highly valued clients throughout New England, and beyond.


Kim Anania

President and CEO

KMA Human Resources

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