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By law, employers in are required to display certain posters in the workplace where workers can see them. These include posters covering minimum wage, whistleblower’s protection act, sexual harassment, worker’s compensation, and many other topics.

Over the last year, the State of Maine has been busy updating all of these various employment posters. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to replace them . . . even if the changes are quite minor (finding some of the changes requires more than just a quick glance).

According to the Maine State Department of Labor Web site, the posters found at the link below meet the full legal requirements and can be downloaded and printed free of charge.


Please note that from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013 there are TWO worker’s compensation posters that must be displayed by employers.

If you have questions about individual posters, call the agencies listed next to each poster link (associated agency names and phone numbers are conveniently provided).

You’ll also find on this page a number of links to posters required under Federal Law. There’s no time like the present to make sure you are in compliance there as well.

As always, if you have any questions or if KMA can help, please call or email us.