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When viewed in total, life’s challenges often seem overwhelming. But when taken piecemeal or one day at a time, what once seemed so insurmountable might seem do-able after all.

In this same way, KMA believes we each can make a difference in the lives of others in our own ways, one action at a time, even if those actions seem small or insignificant. After all, it’s the small things in life we do that add up. One life touched—one moment changed for the better for an individual—can make all the difference.

“This year, KMA provided team members and colleagues with $25 each in seed money to pay it forward in their communities how they saw fit,” explains KMA’s Kim Anania. “Now, $25 is not a lot, but with the right intentions, even a little bit can set in motion a chain reaction of good will, good feelings, and positive results.”

Here’s how some individuals chose to pay it forward:

  • Made a donation to the American Breast Cancer Society in honor of someone recently diagnosed
  • Gave money to her two children to make a donation to a favorite charity
  • Used the money to buy gift items for local community toy box program at Christmas time
  • Used the money to buy pantry items for a local food kitchen
  • Donated to a local organization that creates Christmas food and gift baskets for the needy and will match the $25

“It would be interesting to see how each of these actions might grow into something more,” says Kim. “Especially getting children involved in the process of giving. Not only does it do good for others, it feels good, too.”

Take the KMA Pay It Forward Challenge

What can you do this Holiday Season—the whole year through, for that matter—in ways big and small to enrich the lives of friends, family, neighbors, and people you don’t even know?

One way to help right away is in support of August Murphy, a Maine woman with Cystic Fibrosis, who is raising money for a double lung transplant to prolong her life. (Read more about August’s story here.)

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