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KMA believes HR professionals CAN get more employees participating in their company retirement plans, and that’s the topic of the upcoming “Save More Tomorrow” Retirement Plan Seminar presented by Lebel & Harriman.

WHEN: March 26 starting at 8:30 am.
Portland Country Club
FEES: There is no charge for the seminar
RSVP: Lebel & Harriman’s Jane Dyer at jdyer@lebelharriman.com or (207) 773-5390.

Based on the book, Save More Tomorrow by Shlomo Benartzi, this seminar focuses on how to improve employee retirement plan participation and outcomes. It’s ideal for CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, and others who design and operate their company retirement plans. Each attendee receives a copy of Benartzi’s book.

“We find that for most people who don’t sign up, it’s a matter of inertia,” says Financial Advisor Josh Chase of Lebel & Harriman. “Not doing anything is easier than filling out a participation form, or deciding which fund to invest in. Overcoming these kinds of behavioral challenges with practical solutions is what Save More Tomorrow and this seminar is all about.”

Anyone with questions about the seminar or Retirement Plans in general should contact Josh Chase at (207) 773-5390 or by email at jchase@lebelharriman.com.