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Jane Bopp is a Human Resources Professional with more than 15 years of HR experience supporting a range of industries, including banking, office equipment and supplies, and trucking and transportation.

Jane has extensive knowledge in virtually all aspects of HR, often serving regional companies and their employees in 2 or more states. Her expertise includes recruiting, employee relations, performance management, benefit and salary administration, workers compensation, safety and training, and development.

“As a KMA team member, I feel I can help with virtually any area of HR—from employee relations and performance management, to recruiting and training—so that employees and management are aligned in the pursuit of company and individual goals,” explains Jane.

She has a special interest in the employee relations aspect of HR and in supporting communication between employees and management so that all elements of an organization are aligned.

Jane has served as the Human Resources Manager at Kris-Way Truck Leasing of South Portland, Employee Services Director for Loring Short & Harmon, and Human Resources Officer for KeyCorp and Key Trust Company.

Jane holds a Masters of Science in Business Administration from Husson College.

She lives in Falmouth with her husband and three teenage boys. Active in the community, Jane enjoys yoga, walking, gardening, boating, and cooking.


Why did you choose to work in HR?

My introduction to HR was when I was a Teller Trainer at Key Bank, working with the Human Resources Department. I found that I really liked the employee relations “vibe” of HR and was fascinated by how the flow of information works in an organization between employees and management, and whether staff and management were aligned, could be so critical to an organization’s success. It was then I decided to expand my horizons and pursue a career in HR.

What do you like best about your work as an HR Professional?

I really like the impact we can have by making new hires feel welcome and good about what they and the company do. Good employee relations and management relations, and the ability of employees and management to work together, are so critical to both a company’s success and to the individual employee’s success.

What is one takeaway from your HR work experience you’d like to share with others?

I have been exposed to a wide range of industries and business challenges during my career. As you might expect, business challenges in the banking industry can differ quite a bit from those in office supplies and trucking. This has kept my work interesting and new, while at the same time it’s been reassuring to see that no matter what the industry, HR still really boils down to people and relationships. I feel I can help with virtually any area of employee relations, performance management, and training.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Falmouth with my husband and three teenage boys. I enjoy yoga, walking, gardening, boating, cooking and baking, and entertaining.