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Emily Tibbetts is a Human Resources professional with more than 13 years of experience in staffing, employee relations, sales, communications, and accounting.

Emily has extensive knowledge in customer service, sales, employee health and benefits administration, safety inspections, and employee review/evaluations.

“Human Resources is like a big puzzle with lots of problem-solving and constant learning, which I love,” she explains. “I get tremendous satisfaction being around people and helping them build up their best ‘selves.’”

She attended Andover College and has completed advanced sales training.

Previously Emily worked with Pack Edge Inc. of Portland, first as an outside sales representative and then as Human Resource Administrator where she was responsible for staffing, recruiting, employee handbooks, employee relations, and various other HR duties, including payroll.

Emily lives in Westbrook with her husband and two children. She loves being “Mom,” cooking, and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, and gardening.


Why did you choose to work in HR?

Truth be told, I had been working 50-plus hours in sales with two kids at home and was looking for a part-time position so I could get more balance in my life. My company at the time was looking to fill a part-time HR position. I was intrigued. I’m always looking for a new challenge. I like to learn, and I like to be around people and to help them bring out the best in themselves. HR seemed like a perfect fit.

What do you like best about your work as an HR Professional?

I love the constant learning. HR is like putting a puzzle together, and I get to help people in the process! Nothing makes me more excited than seeing a person’s “a-ha” moment. I get tremendous satisfaction helping people build up their best “selves.”

What is one takeaway from your HR work experience you’d like to share with others?

I started working at the HR position for 20 hours a week, then slowly began to add more things on my plate, such as marketing and accounting, and it was getting to be a full-time job again, which made balancing work and home very difficult. So I had to make a choice about what I wanted my professional focus to be. That’s when I realized how important HR was to me because it was a field in which I could constantly learn, encourage people, and build them up.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m married and live in Westbrook. We have two young boys, and we’re considering home schooling them. I love being a “Mom” and taking care of a household. I’m very creative and love to paint, draw, and garden.