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KMA is pleased to welcome Gina Hayes to our team as an HR Consultant with a focus on recruiting.

Gina is an HR professional with more than 12 years of experience as a recruiter. A native of central Maine, she attended Old Dominion University in Virginia, where she earned her BA in Psychology. Upon graduating, she made her way back to New England where she began her recruiting career in Boston with Daniel Roberts Staffing, managing their sales and recruiting efforts.

Gina found HR to be a natural fit for her aptitude for making connections with people. “I find it so rewarding to help people get to the next level of their careers,” she says. “And on the client side, I love seeing businesses hire the right talent that will help them grow and be the best fit for their organizations. So it’s really both sides of the recruiting process that I enjoy.”

Eventually, Gina met her future husband, who is also from Maine, and while they loved Boston and the big city lifestyle, they knew it wasn’t their future, and decided to move back to their roots and family ties in Maine.

For the past eight years, Gina has worked remotely as a National Recruiter for the Tampa-based firm Naviga, placing sales and management executives nationwide. But she realized that she was missing a connection to what was happening in her own community, and that’s one of the things she looks forward to cultivating at KMA.

Gina and her husband live in Cumberland with their two young daughters and their rescue dog named Grady. They love the Maine outdoors in all seasons, and participate in boating, swimming, snowmobiling, and skiing. Gina loves family time and enjoys cooking and gardening with her girls.

What interested you in working for KMA?

I believe that having the right talent and the right teams is what drives a business and I was drawn to the impact that KMA is having on local businesses. I was ready to transition my skill set to the community I live in. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute my expertise to the KMA team.

What do you like best about your work as an HR Professional?

My ability to make strong connections with everyone is really what I enjoy most. Every job, every person, and every business has a specific need and I love being part of finding the fit. It’s sort of like matchmaking—it’s exciting to me to make the connections fit together.

What’s one takeaway from your HR work that you’d like to share with others?

I have always thought that a vision for a business is just a vision until you have the right talent behind it. So when a client talks about what they want to accomplish, I always think about how, if they don’t have the right talent and team to support it and make it happen, it’s just a vision. So that’s my approach to Recruiting.