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Over the past several months, we have been working behind the scenes to develop a new logo and refresh the KMA brand, and today we’re excited to unveil our updated look.

Why the Change?

We believe in the importance of evolving to remain up to date. Just as we are committed to staying current with industry trends, technologies, and best practices, we need to make sure our brand reflects this same spirit of innovation. Our new logo accomplishes just that, representing KMA’s culture and values and our continued promise of service and quality.

The Process

When we realized that our brand needed refreshing, we took time to re-evaluate KMA’s mission and values, and to articulate our story so that we could communicate it visually.

KMA Values

  • Trusted advisor and partner
  • Integrity and excellence
  • Expertise and breadth of knowledge
  • Respect and compassion
  • Engaged and committed
  • Responsive and reliable

KMA Is Shaped by Doing the Right Thing

There is one simple question that KMA team members ask themselves many times a day, every day: What is the right thing to do? Whether it’s applied to a tiny decision, or one that’s momentous and all-influencing, it always leads to the correct answer. This decision-filter guides us and removes all ambiguity about which course of action is the right one to take. KMA can be counted on to do the right thing at every turn. It’s our north star.

Our New Logo

The overall feeling is accessible and friendly while grounded in professionalism and a sense of trust. KMA is a stamp of approval, reliability, assurance. The circle represents continuity, connection, and partnership. The tilt of the lettering expresses our individuality, that we treat every client and every assignment as unique. The dark blue communicates competence, accountability, and integrity. Using yellow as an accent color brings warmth and sunlight, energy, and enthusiasm. Relationships with our clients and partners are easy, responsive, and there is a sense of comfort that comes from working with us. We’re the light at the end of the tunnel.

An Investment in The Future

Ultimately, rebranding is an investment in the future. Appointed with our new logo and brand identity, the team at KMA looks forward to continuing to support and serve our valued clients, partners and the broader community.