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Compliance alertAs we start the new year, federal and state changes will take effect and mean new minimum wage and salary increases for 2020.

  • On the federal level, an overtime rule mandates that employees exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) be paid a minimum of $684 per week, equivalent to an annual amount of $35,568.
  • In Maine, the minimum exempt salary will be higher as it is tied to minimum wage increases. With the minimum wage increasing to $12 per hour in Maine effective January 1, 2020, the minimum salary paid to FLSA exempt employees must exceed $692.31 per week, or $36,000 annually.
  • In Massachusetts, the minimum wage will increase to $12.75 effective January 1, 2020. New Hampshire’s minimum wage remains unchanged at $7.25.

This is a great time to look at employee compensation to ensure proper payment, especially for those paid on a salaried basis. In addition to the requirement to pay a set minimum salary, exempt employees also need to meet the duties tests for each particular exemption under the FLSA.

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