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If one of your jobs on your summertime HR “to-do list” is completing annual performance evaluations for your staff, consider these tips to make the task a little less stressful so you can keep your cool:
HR Performance Evaluation Tips

  • Help employees prepare for their evaluation meetings by having them complete a self-evaluation on their accomplishments for the past year, noting where they feel they have performed well or need to get better.
  • In the evaluation meetings with employees, be honest. Your honesty will be received well, especially when you share constructive feedback on strong points and improvement areas.
  • Sandwich feedback on areas that need improvement between areas where performance has met or exceeded expectations. Start and end with the positive.
  • Give specific examples of where performance meets or does not meet expectations, and tell employees what is expected if improvement is needed. This helps employees keep on track by letting them know what you expect and want.
  • Engage employees in improving their performance by asking their input in creating plans for improvement areas.
  • Set up quarterly check-ins on progress. This helps ensure the goals you set aren’t put on the back shelf until next year.
  • Make your job easier next year by starting notes on employees that document when they are “rock stars” and when they need to polish their performance.
  • Realize this is an ongoing process and the best way to help improve performance is through daily and ongoing communication with employees.

Employees value this time with you, so make the most of it by involving them, keeping communication open, and working together to plan on making next year even better.

If you have questions about annual performance evaluations for your staff, feel free to contact KMA at anytime.