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As of April 14, employers now face a much shorter time frame between the filing of a union petition and the union election. In some cases, these new National Labor Relations Board’s union election rules—aka as  “Ambush” election rules—reduce the time between filing and elections to fewer than two weeks, plus impose a number of additional burdens on employers.

New rules require employers to file a position statement in a shorter timeframe regarding the petition, the bargaining unit proposed, employee classifications to include or exclude, and other legal issues. Employers who do not address legal issues in the position statement waive their right to do so later.

Are you prepared?

HR Consultant Karen Dobbyn, KMA’s resident expert on union organizing matters, offers her top tips to help employers avoid union organizing interest:

  • Communicate well and often with your employees.
  • Listen and respond to employee questions and concerns.
  • Examine your company pay practices to ensure your wages and benefits are competitive.
  • Ensure your company is in compliance regarding all payroll, benefits requirements, and safety standards.
  • Examine your policies and practices to ensure fairness and equality.

Excellent communication between companies and their employees can typically foster an organization-wide culture of respect and appreciation. While building and maintaining such a positive work environment takes time and commitment by owners and management, the resulting committed, productive workforce often does not feel the need to have a union speak for them. Further, when coupled with fair and competitive wages and benefits, employees are far less likely to seek union representation.

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