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As is the case with most business practices these days, many employers are turning to new technologies to address their more traditional Human Resources needs. One such case is the use of web-based “onboarding portals” to streamline the process of bringing new hires on board and assimilating them into their companies and cultures.


All too often, a new employee’s first days are spent mired in manual paperwork, which requires a large amount of manual data entry by the employee, little interaction with new colleagues, and an administrative burden on the responsible party within the company whose job it is to track and manage new hire forms for completion. With the advent of Web-based onboarding portals, employers are able to use technology to lighten the administrative load, provide an easier electronic process for form completion, and offer a smoother integration process for new staff.

Onboarding portals are offered in a number of ways: through software-as-service (SAS) models, as stand-alone solutions, or as add-ons to existing applicant tracking systems or performance management systems.

Regardless of how the portal is accessed, companies utilize their capabilities in a variety of ways:

  • Provide a virtual welcome from leadership as well as to meet HR and new team members.
  • Coordinate new hire forms, including electronic completion by the new employee, automated reminders, and tracking and storing of required forms.
  • Review of benefits information, including side-by-side comparisons between plans.
  • Provide mentorship tools to new hires.
  • Coordinate or link to online education and training, including required trainings for new employees.
  • Delving into the world of social networking, connecting the new hire with other new hires, mentors, managers and team members.
  • Automating and electronically storing offer acceptances, policy acceptances, and even handbook receipt documentation, etc.

Companies who utilize onboarding portals cite faster assimilation of new hires and the benefits of a consistent, company-wide new hire experience that features a positive, streamlined, warm welcome for new employees.

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