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We have all made resolutions at one point or another to get in shape — and have spent time thinking about fitness goals and how they are part of our health plan.

But have you thought about how fit your organization is when it comes to Human Resources?

Take KMA’s quick evaluation to check your HR fitness level. Rest assured, your personnel trainers at KMA are ready to help with a more complete and customized evaluation.

KMA HR Fitness Evaluation — Keep track of your YES answers

Are you attracting and hiring the talent you need?

Do you know if your employees are correctly classified as exempt or non-exempt under wage and hour laws?

Are you fully utilizing technology and putting practices in place to enhance the candidate and employee experience?

Do you have an employee handbook that’s been updated in the last year?

Do you have current and compliant practices in place for health and safety?

Do you have resources to help your employees cope with stress and burnout?

Do you know if you are providing market competitive pay and benefits?

Do you have an Employee Value Proposition and practices for engagement
and retention?

Do you have low turnover?

Are you up-to-date on all the latest employment laws and regulations including all the states where employees are working?


Scoring: How many YES answers did you get? 

8 to 10: You are pretty fit right now. But are you staying competitive and up to date on market trends? We could still provide some HR coaching.

5 to 7: Your HR activities are solid, but are you maximizing your HR potential and making sure your organization is as strong as it could be?

< 5: You need a professional HR personnel trainer now!