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May 2, 2022

Hello, and happy Cinco de Mayo later this week. I think we’ve all earned a margarita after the winter we’ve had!

May is a much anticipated month for HR professionals in New England. We’re even more excited than usual for the Maine HR Convention in Rockland next week, as we’ll be attending IRL (in real life), as the kids say.

After two years of doing business with masks on, at 6 feet apart, or through Zoom, I’ve been thinking about the power of convening in general, and the HR Convention specifically, and it’s really all about community – showing up for one another, supporting one other, sharing knowledge and resources, celebrating our profession as a whole, and each other as individuals.

We all navigate so many distinct communities: immediate family > extended family > close friends > co-workers > neighbors > distant friends > affinity groups > alumni cohorts > local/state/national citizens. You get the picture: the circles keep expanding. We’re all connected.

If there’s one thing the past two years have crystallized for me, it’s that what connects a community is a shared set of values. Integrity, responsibility, a commitment to partnership, a desire to make a positive impact, providing opportunities for others, and making the most of talent, time and resources – these are some of the values that guide my personal and professional relationships, and they’re principles I’ve built my business on, too.

I’d love to hear what community means to you, and what are the values that bind it – drop me a line!


Kim Anania
President and CEO
KMA Human Resources Consulting