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September 6, 2022

Hello –

As you might have heard, 2022 marks 15 years in business for KMA. Last month, we assembled for our first all-company, in-person retreat since before the pandemic. This gathering was part town hall, part strategic planning session and part celebration, and we’re enjoying the surge of energy that’s been injected into our interactions and operations ever since. Many of us had never met one another in real life!

When I think back to my earliest days growing KMA, this is the kind of team I dreamed of building, and looking at this picture of (almost) all of us, I am fiercely proud and grateful to be standing among such a talented, loyal and hard-working group of colleagues. What an exciting ride we’re on!

Now that Labor Day is behind us and vacations are winding down, it feels like it’s back to school and back to business. And while I hate to see the summer go, there is so much about a New England fall that I can get excited about: sweater weather, football and soccer, leaf peeping, the glow of the firepit, and pumpkin and apple everything!

We have a couple of events coming up that I wanted to let you know about, including our Lunch+Legal Webinar: Immigration Law Essentials for Employers, with John Wilson, Esq, President and Partner at GoffWilson. If you’re interested in the prospect of hiring foreign nationals, what the complicated visa process might look like, and how an immigrant workforce could be the solution to our US labor shortage, I hope you will join us for this complimentary webinar. When you register, be sure to submit your questions and we’ll do our best to address them.

We’ve got Harassment Prevention Training via Zoom Webinar on September 29th. While mandatory in Maine for companies with over 15 employees, we highly recommend this training for everyone in order to help prevent harassing behaviors – that can occur both in person and online in the workplace. If you’ve hired new employees over the past several months, or they’re due for a refresher, this is the perfect opportunity to provide this valuable training and protect the safety and wellbeing of your workplace. You can register right here.

One thing that didn’t take any kind of a break over the summer is the long list of challenges so many HR professionals, and employers in general, are confronting today. We’ve been helping our clients recruit in a historically tight labor market, deal with employee burnout, respond to the demand for flexibility in the workplace, and resolve employee engagement issues. In this blog, we take on these challenges one-by-one, and offer some helpful recommendations and solutions.

Finally, we share a look at discrimination from the Pros at the HR Support Center, including federal antidiscrimination law, some examples of discrimination in action, and how to respond to a complaint.

I hope you’re feeling refreshed and energized after another gorgeous New England summer. If there’s any HR, recruiting or compensation challenges on your plate that the KMA team can help you manage, as always please reach out to us. We are strong in number, and long on solutions.


Kim Anania

President and CEO

KMA Human Resources Consulting

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