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Headshot of Chelsea LivingstonBy Chelsea Livingston, KMA Recruiting Services Manager

Keeping candidates informed throughout the entire hiring process is not just the right thing to do, it’s smart from a business perspective. It can damage your employer brand if people who are interested in working at your company are treated disrespectfully or ghosted when applying. Consider, too, that a candidate might have been encouraged to apply by one of you brand ambassadors, like a current or former employee, or trusted partner. Remember, if a candidate has a constructive and well managed recruiting experience, regardless of the outcome, they are likely to share the positive association with your company within their circle of influence.

Here are five best practices for thoughtfully and expertly managing the candidate experience.

  1. Treat every applicant professionally and in a way that respects their time and interest in your company.
  2. Ensure the process reflects your company’s values.
  3. Communicate to candidates at every step along the way: application received; interview requested; regular status updates; final hiring decision made.
  4. When a decision is made not to pursue a candidate, communicate this immediately, express appreciation for their interest in your company, and encourage them to apply again in the future, if appropriate.
  5. When reaching out to a candidate who made it through to the interview stage, it’s a best practice to communicate that they were not selected by phone call rather than email. This personal touch is always appreciated, shows respect, and leaves the candidate with a more positive impression of the experience and company brand.