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Do you feel distracted in your work environment and believe you are not being productive due to interruptions?

In today’s modern work settings, sometimes it’s difficult enough to stay focused and productive with constant email, text, and phone message interruptions, meetings, and managing work with changing priorities. Add in the sounds of nearby phone conversations or discussions, equipment noise, and interruptions by others stopping by to chat, staying focused and on task can be doubly difficult, especially in an open office/work environment.

This is an issue all types of employees deal with regularly, from management to operations staff. Some companies are using creative ways to say “Do Not Disturb” without closing doors or when there are no doors to close, such as using color-coded objects, lights, signs, hats, and other means.

What’s the best way for your company to let co-workers know when you need focused work time? Consider the following recommendations when deciding what will work best for your company and culture:

  • Discuss the importance and benefits of individual time to focus with your management group or team, such as increased productivity and reduced stress. Buy-in at all levels is important, or even the best approaches won’t work.
  • Ask for employee ideas and suggestions on how to implement a “Do Not Disturb” program and consider a fun or simple prize for the best idea.
  • Consider ideas that are engaging and match your culture, such as company colors or themes.
  • Allow employees to vote for the best idea.
  • Request everyone’s commitment to honor the selected approach.
  • Monitor the program and take action as needed to ensure employees are honoring each other’s need for space and quiet time.

See the article, The Solution for the Open Office Frustration, for more information and ideas.

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