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The talent pool in America continues to shrink, and it’s a big problem for employers in a wide range of industries and geographies who just can’t seem to get enough people to fill their current or future positions. Unemployment is at historic lows, with people either gainfully employed or simply not looking for work.

We’ve all seen the headlines:

  • “American Labor Shortage Not Going Anywhere”
  • “Agriculture Sees Worker Shortage”
  • “Labor Shortage Challenges Maine Ski Resorts”

But what about solutions? What can businesses do to prime their talent pipeline for hard-to-fill or future positions?\

One option that’s gaining steam and that’s proven successful is instituting a strong Internship/Apprentice Program. Here are some of the ways such a program can benefit employers:

Create a Talent Pipeline

An Internship/Apprenticeship program can offer a cost-effective way to fill your organization’s talent pipeline with tried and tested candidates. Interns are typically interested in gaining job specific skills, soft skills, and experience in their desired fields. They can be specifically trained to fill the job needs at your organization for hard-to-fill positions.

Try Before You Buy

An Internship/Apprenticeship program is an effective way to evaluate candidate performance before you commit to hiring on full-time. It offers an opportunity to evaluate skills and work ethic—and in turn, provides an opportunity for the intern to see if your organization’s work and culture is a good fit for him or her.

Create Brand Advocates

An Intern/Apprentice who has a great experience at your organization—whether he or she is eventually hired or not—can serve as an advocate for your employment brand within their social networks, which could result in increased interest in career opportunities at your organization.

Gain New Perspectives

Interns may also challenge your organization’s “the way we’ve always done it” mentality and bring fresh new ideas—along with the latest technology from the classroom—into your organization.

Development Opportunities for Your Leaders

An Internship/Apprentice Program offers leadership development opportunities for current employees looking to grow their skills in managing others. This can include identifying the work, creating a training plan, and offering ongoing supervision and mentorship.

KMA Can Help

At KMA, internship recruiting is underway! We are working with local educators to find the best, up-and-coming talent and fit them with great, local organizations. To learn more about how your organization could benefit from an Internship/Apprenticeship Program contact us today.