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Self-care is more important than it’s ever been as we fight a pandemic and cope with the stresses of life under restrictions. We asked KMA staff to share the ways they practice self-care. Here are some of the team’s answers.


More walks, even in the cold.




Three mornings a week I work out via ZOOM with a personal trainer. It’s one-on-one so it’s geared to what I need, and she records everything as we progress through more challenging sessions. (It’s my daughter’s personal training business and she has a few more slots available!)



I do 15 minutes of exercise or meditation daily before bed.




Decorating! This year I am decorating to the max inside and out. It seems to be a theme in my town. There is holiday music on the radio and I am playing that all day long.



I have two things that have helped me a lot in taking care of myself. I leave my home/office and walk my dog almost every day, whether I want to or not. Once I get going, I am always glad I did and it clears my head, making me become aware of creative ideas and solutions, and sometimes I use the time for prayer as I walk along and focus on things I am thankful for. I return to work energized. The other thing is I have given myself permission to putter. I allow for extra time in the morning, have coffee, feed the birds, have a quiet time of reflection and thankfulness, and then I spring into action for the day.


Getting outside for a walk/run (with a mask!).




I ensure I’m getting adequate sleep and trying not to skip meals.




Getting outside in nature – walking, hiking, snowshoeing, etc.





Long walks with podcasts!



I am back to in studio, hot Vinyasa Flow/Power Yoga classes 3x per week! I’m cooking like a fiend on the weekends and am taking short hikes, trying to maximize my time outdoors.




Walks outside, walking on the beach, morning yoga.




Yoga, spending time outdoors – hiking and walking. Virtual family meetings.



In our household we have incorporated “forced activity time” as the kids call it. We make a point of going outside for a walk, bike ride, hike, whatever. Making sure to get activity and fresh air has been critical to our health and sanity. My son and I have become avid bird watchers, and it’s amazing how many birds we can identify now by sight and or sound. We are making a point to find joy in nature from planting and yard work, outdoor time, bird watching and sometimes just sitting at the water watching the waves roll in.



I workout 5 days per week to stay healthy and fit. I take Les Mills Body Combat, Body Flow and Body Pump as well as Zumba and Yoga.




I’ve created cozy outdoor spaces with warm blankets, twinkling lights and a fire feature so that I can safely visit with friends even as the days grow colder.




Each week I think of something I am grateful for now. It helps to ground me and remind me how lucky and blessed I am.